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Perhaps the hottest debate in gaming communities and forums nowadays is the brand new console of Microsoft. Around one million units of Xbox One were sold out within 24hours of the launch in UK and many other countries.
Soon after the release, the fans and gamers started complaining about certain glitches in the performance of the next gen console, including the smoking and disc problems. However, the UK gamers are more disappointed as a new flaw has occurred with Xbox One.

The console is designed for a 60 Hertz standard, while the UK uses a 50 Hertz standard, so this difference is badly disturbing the TV transmissions in the UK. Watching TV with Xbox is not possible, as there are juddering image issues. It is to remember that Media Pass Through was one of the most publicized features by Microsoft about Xbox One. The Media Pass Through feature was meant to allow video signals from Freeview, Sky and Virgin TV services on Xbox One. The feature is amazing indeed, however in the UK, it is not working properly. Fans are complaining on the Xbox forums about issues making TV unwatchable.

It seems like the next gen console is designed and developed by focusing on the US users and fans. The standard refresh rate in the US is 60 Hertz or 60 frames per second. This appears to be a bit disappointing for the fans from the UK as the feature lacks real worth. Microsoft hasn’t commented on the issue yet, as it demands a strong reply from the company. If you will try to play a 50Hertz video on a default 60Hertz, the sixth frame of every transmission will be a copy which causes the juddering in the display. The fast moving displays are the most affected one’s as the screen becomes unwatchable.

The experts are stating that resolving this issue will not be easy as any attempt to play a 50 Hertz video on 60 Hertz will simply kill the picture. They are assuming how Microsoft will solve the problem. A possible solution for the issue is to default set the Xbox One at 50 Hertz but the console will start having issues with many of the games. The following trick has been applied by users and the results are quite the same. Analysts believe that the so called best feature of the Xbox One isn’t working, leaving the fans and players frustrated.

I personally think that the issue can be removed by a software update allowing the TV transmission at 50 Hertz and that for the games at 60 Hertz. We have to wait in order to see how Microsoft responds to this issue. For the time being, getting a separate TV set for Xbox One seems to be the only remedy for the UK fans. What do you think about Microsoft’s Xbox One and its performance in other countries? Do let us know if you are facing any other major issues. Stay tuned for more updates about the next gen consoles and latest games.

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