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There have been many reports on the Xbox official forums about games crashing to the dashboard or simply failing to load after a few seconds
The problem is possibly due to the fact that the Xbox One doesn’t completely flush the memory when it goes into power saving mode (which is the default behavior when you turn it off), causing the RAM to become saturated after a while and prompting symptoms similar to a memory leak, where games simply don’t find enough allocation and crash. It’s actually something most PC gamers are quite familiar with.

Luckily YouTube user GODtheSniper found a fix that luckily isn’t as drastic as the one for the grinding disc drives, and is actually very simple (and again, PC users may find it rather familiar): you just need to turn the console completely off either by holding the power button down for 10-15 seconds, or by unplugging the power cord (after putting the console in power saving mode).

This will cause the Xbox One to go through a cold boot with its RAM completely flushed and ready to accept the demanding assets of your games. Of course you may have to redo the same process again whenever the issue arises. It’s not ideal, but at least it’ll let you play.

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