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Later today, the teams will be opening up the Titanfall Beta to all Xbox One owners.  That means no code will be necessary to download and play the beta.

To download the beta, sign in to your Xbox One and head to the “New Game Demos” section of the Game Store and it will appear there. You can also say “Xbox Bing” then “Show me game demos”.

Note: It may take some time until all Xbox One’s can see the demo in the store. Some members may see it before others. Until then just relax and rest assured everyone will see it soon.

new code here

pc code

pc code

pc code-2

pc code-2
Titanfall Beta pc code



Titanfall Beta pc code

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  1. Replies
    1. each code is valid only 1 time , :)

    2. what do you mean? can you please give me a proper code... I really wanna try this game

  2. its 32 in laptop but Im thinking about downloading it on my laptop and transfer the data or the game folder to a 64 bit computer

    1. At the moment No codec available , I see you and excited to try the game 8-)

      I'll give you an origin account Contains the game ..send me your email here Or send a message via Twitter

    2. do you think you could give me an account?

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