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Batman vs Nega-Batman sounds like the best thing ever

OMG OMG batman batman batman YAY!
That’s pretty much what we were thinking, yeah. there’s a new trailer for
Arkham Knight and it’s sexier than christian Bale in Batspeedos. Featuring Harley Quinn, the riddler and two-Face among other villains and a superfluity of goons,
their aim is to take down Batman. But you’re Batman, and you’re not going to Bat-take this.

I tried to watch the trailer and it told me i wasn’t old enough. What gives?
sorry, friend, this game is a PEGI 18. that’s both good and bad: bad for under-18s, obviously, but great in the sense that it’s going to be darker, scarier and maybe gorier than before. expect sad Batman times. emotions. dead parents. More emotions. Moping on rooftops. oh, it’s going to be so good.

How does it look?
So good. it captures the grittiness of a Gotham under siege without resorting to too much grey and brown, and the city itself is lit up with art deco neons like Bioshock’s
rapture. there’s some brilliant verticality too, and in one scene we see Batman freefalling from a skyscraper, so we can only assume that will be something we get to do. Bat-wheeee!

Who is the arkham Knight, then?
He’s Batman’s new enemy essentially, he’s Nega-Batman. He’s got a cool Nega-Batsuit and he’s been lurking in the background for a while, Nega-Batwatching
and Nega-Batwaiting. He seems to know who Batman is, and how to exploit him and his gadgetry. He could also be someone from Batman’s Batpast with a grudge…
More importantly: what about the batmobile? 
it’s sharper, edgier, and full of more gadgets than James Bond’s pockets. Looks like you can jump in fairly seamlessly, firing missiles as you drive, and the trailer also has it putting down covering fire with a turret as Batman does his punchy thing in
the foreground. you know what they say: a Batman’s best friend is his souped-up megacar.

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