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So Dead or Alive makes its Xbox One debut with this definitive version of DoA5. Well, definitive until the next Final Superlative GOTY edition gets announced. Here, the final boss from the very first Dead or Alive Raidou makes an unexpected comeback. You might already know (okay, you probably don't) that he was killed at the end of the 1996 original. Well, he's been turned into a cyborg (of course he has) and... doesn't change the story at all. He's just there for selection, using other people's moves and looking mean. Slow, powerful your typical tank.

Also new for this version is the sweet and innocent Honoka. While her chipper personality and young Britney Spears-lookalike appearance will win her many fans, her movelist is essentially a best-of collection snaffled from all the other fighters she's studied (notice a trend here?). So when she performs Jann Lee's tension-tastic Dragon Fist, it may be super-cute, but it's also a bit cheap-feeling. Especially as her aping ability could have allowed something as exciting as switching to her opponent's entire moveset mid-round. It doesn't.

The fighting is still slick, speedy and explosive if a little one-note offering intuitive, mashable controls for newbies while serving a complex parry/counter game for pros. It's too frantic to offer Virtua Fighter levels of tactical depth (despite four VF characters appearing in the roster), but at least intelligent use of launchers and air juggles will see your practice rewarded with spectacular combo chains.

Spectacular, however, is not a word that best describes the Xbox One conversion. It's virtually indistinguishable from vanilla DoA5 on Xbox 360. It's still good, and the female characters' faces are absolutely beautiful (still a little bit in love with Britney, sorry), but technically it's unremarkable. The story scenes still run at 30fps not 60fps (why?), plus some iffy textures and even slight slowdown and screen tearing mean this is hardly a showcase for your  shiny new wonder-machine. But if  your attention isn't more on the graphical representation of soaked T-shirt fabric, this probably isn't the game for you anyway.

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