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A list of leaked rumours, you say? Must be a job for… Speculation Man!

More Star Wars info? ooh, gimme!
Careful, now. We should point out that all of the following are rumours, straight from an unofficial fan site, but they do look interesting enough to warrant reporting on. For example: the campaign will span “pretty much  the entire Star Wars  saga” including upcoming new film, The Force Awakens.

No way. tell me more about the force awakens  bits.
It won’t contain too much from the film, as Disney has that pretty locked down, but characters, DLC packs, vehicles and powerful multiplayer ‘hero’ characters will all be tied in to The Force Awakens. The apparently leaked info also potentially confirms
that Tatooine will be in The Force Awakens. Exciting!

But who are these characters?
The information is vague on details, but some things are made clear: you can play as both the good and the bad guys (Republic and Rebellion vs Separatists and the
Empire) and there will be a character with the surname Tarkin. Could they be related to Grand Moff Tarkin, he of the sharp cheekbones?

He does have a great bone structure. What about multiplayer ?
It sounds like Battlefront’s multiplayer component will be absolutely massive,  with two teams of 32 players apiece. Extra-powerful ‘hero’ characters who boast different abilities will be unlocked through you accumulating points as you play.
Now tell me all the other bits of info that didn’t fit into a nice question/answer format.
okay! There are tons of new ships and vehicles; the campaign takes place mostly during the original trilogy era; you’ll participate in battles from The Clone Wars and Revenge of the Sith; the DLC plan has been described as ‘aggressive’, with up to five packs in the works, the first few of which will be based on The Force Awakens; each DLC pack will feature at least three new maps, new characters and vehicles; it looks like there will be missions on Hoth, Endor, Alderaan and Tatooine. but, most crucially of all, these are all rumours and we definitely can’t confirm any of these until much, much closer to release at the end of the year.

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